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McDonald's Agricultural Assurance
Programme (MAAP)

McDonald’s uses farm products from over half a million European farmers in our European menu items. The number of farmers, and the volumes of material supplied make it challenging to maintain a close relationship with each business.

In order to provide quality, safe meals to our customers we need to use quality raw ingredients, produced in a sustainable and ethically acceptable environment. Transparency within our supply chain is crucial so that we know the history of the raw materials that make our menu items.

In 2001 we developed the McDonald’s Agricultural Assurance Programme (MAAP) – an internal reference tool used to assess the relative standards in the assurance schemes used on the farms which supply McDonald's. The MAAP framework enables us to monitor and manage food safety, quality, ethics and sustainability through a series of targets for our direct suppliers.

The Flagship Farms project builds on our MAAP approach by identifying some of the progressive farmers in our supply chain that exemplify good practice in their specific area, and are comfortable sharing those good practices.

The investment we have made in MAAP underpins the Flagship Farms programme and MAAP continues to be the main way we monitor and improve the quality, safety and sustainability of the raw materials entering our supply chain. The Flagship Farms project demonstrates the ‘tip of the iceberg’ while MAAP demonstrates our long-term commitment and investment.

Standards are reviewed annually, taking into account revised industry guidelines, reflecting current issues and driving improved performance.