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Flagship Farms Video Still

About this project

Over 500,000 farms across Europe provide McDonald's with the raw materials it needs for its 7,000 restaurants. These raw materials include wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, fruit, milk, eggs, beef, chicken and pork.

The Flagship Farms project, developed by McDonald’s in conjunction with the Food Animal Initiative (FAI) , aims to highlight best practice in these farms.

We consider good practices demonstrated by farmers in one or more of the following areas:

donwload case study Ethical: human welfare and labour rights, animal health and welfare, rural landscape preservation, business ethics and supplier relationships.

donwload case study Environmental: climate change & greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity (ecosystem protection), natural resources (soil, water, air emissions), agro-technology, waste.

donwload case study Economic: local economies, sufficient good quality production, community.

Our Good Practice Matrix shows the detailed aspects in which the flagship farms excel.

The Flagship Farm project builds on the McDonald’s Agricultural Assurance Programme (MAAP), the tool that we use to assess the agricultural production standards employed in growing the farm products used in our menu.