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Potatoes – Poland, Farm Frites

This case study shows how potato production can be undertaken in a developing market using good practice and well-recognised techniques and equipment in a locally-relevant way. It focuses on good practice in the areas of soil use, water use, energy use reduction and employee welfare.

Since it was first established, Farm Frites Poland has proven itself as a company responsive to changing industry requirements and eager to establish best practice in Poland.

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Key areas of good practice

Farm Frites was the first Polish potato farm to attain GlobalG.A.P certification which covers wide-ranging policies in the areas of food quality and safety, environmental standards and worker welfare. Through Farm Frites' support, 75% of its contract-grown potatoes are also from GlobalG.A.P certified farms.

Employee welfare:

There is no minimum salary requirement for casual staff in Poland. To ensure fair remuneration Farm Frites electively decided to pay its casual staff the same hourly rates as a full time Polish employee.


A wide array of technology has enabled Farm Frites to maximise yield and quality while ensuring that agrochemicals and fertilisers are only applied where needed. Through soil analysis and the annual calibration of their spraying equipment accurate field applications are ensured.

Soil health:

Crop rotation and cover crop planting reduces soil erosion, limiting the environmental damage of soil displacement.


Water management is an important environmental consideration and Farm Frites has invested in soil moisture monitoring equipment which ensures water is only applied as necessary. Accurate application of water improves potato quality and yield and maximises water use efficiency. Combined with diligent pollution control, the farm can be confident its operations do not affect local water quality.

EASYAG centre–pivot irrigation system increases yield and quality, whilst reducing water requirement.

Product quality:

Its impressive storage facilities for 63,000 tonnes of potatoes help maximise quality and yield at harvest. Any potatoes that do not meet the required specifications of the factory can be used by other local business thereby ensuring no potatoes are wasted.


Farm Frites has invested in a wide range of local projects, making it a valuable member of the community.